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Case Management

" Casefee aims to bring an organized, online real-time Case Management solution to assist you in all your cases and case work."

It enhances your reach by displaying tons of case files with just a click of a button. Every case gives an overview report of activities you have done such as case work, case status, counsel assigned to the case, client information, etc.

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Document Management

"With our Document Management, you can now go paperless whilst working on any case."

Casefee Document Management binds all your uploaded case document to their respective cases or casework. It's inbuilt functionality gives you a highly secure document version with zero loss of files to natural disasters such as fire or theft.

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Easy Accessibility with Superb Role Base Access Control

"Our Role Base Access Control enhances the security of all your case files and documents."

It gives only authorized counsel access to specific case files to perform certain activities whilst restricting all others from accessing those files.

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Billing and Invoice

"Our automated Billing and Invoice gives transparency to all your case work."

Get accurate payment on every work you do on your case. You can charge in Minutes, Hours, Lumpsum, Retainer, etc.

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How it works

The simplest Case Management System ever made! categorized to make to your navigations smooth and easy.


Great dashboard interface with analytics and quick links to any page on the app.

Case Info

A dropdown containing pages related to case documentation and management


Client Info

A dropdown containing pages related to client documentation and management

HTML app template
HTML app template


Receive and send internal messages to colleagues and clients on the go.



Create and store reuseable templates anywhere and at anytime



Configure common information shared througout your organisation

Super features

What makes a great Case Management System? Plenty of handy features Casefee has to offer. Delve into a world of amazing features and functionalities that makes you work faster and more efficiently.

Forms/Template creation

Casefee provides users with the option of creating their own forms/templates in a way that suit their mode of operation. This feature and the flexibility it brings has been greatly recommended by many lawyers for optimal user productivity and satisfaction.

Superb Role Base Access Control

Access to very sensitive information and other system capabilities like the ability to create, view, or modify a record requires categorisation. Thus Casefee ensures access to resources are regulated as required by the organisation Administrators.

Sleek Dashboard Interface

Casefee provides you with an intelligent dashboard that displays accurately, the reports of all information that basically matters to users. It gives you a snapshot statistic on live progression of events and enhances quick analysis and tracking of activities on the system.

Great User Experience

Casefee is an exciting system that provides users with great experience. It is efficient, fast and accurate with its user-friendly design that promotes good human-system interaction.

Alert Notification

Casefee gives you the ability to set up reminders for different events including appointments and case hearing. It also alerts you on missed events and brings your attention to missed payments and payment due dates. Casefee keeps you always on check.


Casefee comes with Payroll/Accounting capabilities. The Payroll enables you to document, track, and quickly analyse employee’s compensation. It allows you to document all details of income and clients’ payment, keep track of case fee and aids easy analysis of financial record.

Case Library and Legal Research

Casefee offers a Case library where you can sort and study history of past cases. It also gives you the ability to contribute case links to the library. Our case library also comes with search filters that makes your search easy.

Unlimited storage

There is no limit to the amount of data that can be stored on Casefee. It handles all data using unlimited cloud-based storage and at such provides a much more higher data security which ensures that you never lose anything.

How much does it cost?

Great and affordable pricing plans. We've got your back always covered our prices are set to accommodate different budget limits.

Standard package

₦3000Per user/month

  • Case Management
  • Document Management
  • Employee Management
  • Client portal
  • Contact Management
  • Case work management
  • Flat Rate & Hourly Billing
  • Invoicing
  • Internal Messaging
  • 5GB Storage Space
  • Template
  • Reminder
  • Reporting
  • Case Reminders
  • Access Permissions
  • Online Support
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Enterprise package

Call +2348103481521

  • Everything in Professional package plus
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Training and Support
  • Custom Integration*
  • Private cloud Deployment
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Frequently asked questions

The key to wisdom is this – constant and frequent questioning, for by doubting we are led to question, by questioning we arrive at the truth.” – Peter Abelard

We have put together some Frequently asked questions to enable you learn more about casefee

If you have questions not covered in the set of questions we have provided, please feel free to contact us in the contact form below.

What is Casefee?

Casefee is a web based case management and billing system as the name CASEFEE implies that helps makes the work of law firms and lawyers easier and faster by automating repetitive processes.

Can I add new users or delete existing users at any time?

Yes you can, but, you have to be an already existing, logged-in user in the system to carry out the operation.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes you can, It is completely up to you.

How can I upgrade to other plans?

To upgrade to other plans, please click on the upgrade link or contact customer support via live chat, phone or email.

Is there a limit to files I can store on my account?

On Casefee we offer different plans, our Standard plan offers storage limit of 5gb, Our Pro plan offers a storage limit of 15gb while our enterprise plan's storages negotiable.

Can I share my login details on Casefee with another person?

Yes, you can share your login detail with another person but this leads to lag in logging and auditing as it would be difficult to track activities of individuals on the system.

How secure are my information?

Very secure as your information is being secured with a multi-layered security technology.

How often is Casefee updated?

We have a team of dedicated and talented software developers working day and night to keep casefee up-to-date with current industry standards.

Do I have to pay per month?

Yes, if you prefer the option of paying every month. However, you could decide to pay yearly or in the case of the enterprise plan, a one-off payment.

Our customers love Casefee

Check out what some of our customers have to say about us


"As the Lead Partner of a virtual law firm in an increasingly borderless world, I find that clients come knocking globally. Using Casefee doesn't only make billing clients easy, but also boosts productivity and makes mobility a breeze. We are happy. Casefee, who by the way is also one of our clients, is happier. And our clients are happiest."

Senator Ihenyen

Infusion Lawyers


"We have had great customer services. Casefee goes beyond to make sure your needs are met. We have had a perfect time with regards to our client case management. With the help of casefee, we have the leverage to work from anywhere. Casefee is great! If you have to choose an app to may your work easy as a lawyer, Casefee is the only choice"

Ejike Charles Oganyi, Esq

Law Alliance


" Casefee is something we’ve been looking forward to having in the legal service secretariat and now that we have it, I believe it will go a long way to help us handle our cases."




"Casefee is helpful to us at the registry, it gives us the ability to have correct data of our cases having soft-copy and having them saved on the cloud. There’s nothing like. Record is missing, we can easily have access to them."

Funke C. Audu


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